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Why Should I have a blog page on my website??

Why Should I have a blog page on my website ??
Client : "Why Should I have a blog page or a blog section on my website ??"
Mr Desai : "Through blog you can share your views and information related to your products, which can be sorted and not scattered all over your website. With right content, it helps you to increase your web site's SEO ranking and visibility of your website, in Google search results."
Why to write a blog ..?
Many of us have this question, as to why bother with blog section ? It just increases the work and someone needs to sit and write a blog and/or reply to the comments and queries etc. So why bother at all, right ???
Well, with right strategy and content, maintaining your blog section will definitely attract more traffic and increase the visibility of your website and your SEO rank too. Another benefit is, you can answer some or many of the recurring questions for your potential customers, through blogging.
What are your Clients looking for ?
Blog section is not just about explaining your product, it's about engaging your client base, giving them what they want to know or what they are curious about, through reading.
At what Frequency ?
Well, writing a blog is not enough. We also need to keep a regularity in adding a new blog, like, after every 2-3 days or once a week. Maintaining a schedule will give you wonders. First of your blog reader will know, when your next blog will be up. You keep adding an information to your site through blogging and keep up with relevant to current trends.
The SEO Benefits through blog page...
1> Keeps your website updated with what's trending and relevant to current searches.
2> Achieve the target of long-tail keywords.
3> Internal Linking.
4> A great content may earn you external links too.
5> If your content is good and relevant to your viewers search, it keeps them on your site for longer time.
6> Also you can address most of the FAQs through blogging.
and much more...
So, add a blog section to your website and maintain it on a regular basis, and achieve great result on Google Search Results.