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This logo was designed for a firm that is in the sector of web development. Now as we all know, Logo is a symbol of your business, of your brand & if designed properly becomes a calling card & creates recognition, but done in not so proper way, can be misleading or would make a laughing stock out of your brands name. Let's take an example of social media applications, they have made such an impression that many others have tried to copy their symbol to trick people into using the not so authentic versions. So, as important is your business & brand name equally important is your logo design, because you are going to be recognized by it, if it is worthy of the recognition. While designing the logo for a Frameofreferences, the company that into web designing & development, we considered the above mentioned philosophy & we also tried to make it relatable to the business name. The logo was also given a bit of simplistic touch & thus the end result is in the frame...